Software consulting services
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11040 Belgrade
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Logotet - Java experts company

Software consulting services company "Logotet", Belgrade, Serbia was founded in 2004. as a service company that understands businesses and aims to deliver value to its customers through its software solutions.

Based upon the Java technology experience, we offer Java consulting services to help organizations achieve greater developer productivity and faster returns on their IT investment.
Our Java consulting services include helping you conceptualize your Java development project even if you only have a rough idea of the project. We can guide you through the process of project specification, software architecture, implementation and deployment, providing a summary of options at each stage.
We succesfully manage ad-hoc development teams, which can easily, efficiently and above all at low prices, realize software projects. We set our goal too high, but young and experienced specialists , with expert knowledge in many areas guarantee success.
Our area of expertise are object-oriented design and progamming based on Java technologies.

Logotet provides services in web design , too.