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jLotto - program for Lotto wheel systems with ticket printing

The jLotto is long waited solution for all lotto players who want to play bigger systems, but don't wont error prone lotto wheel development with ticket filling by hand.
    The program provides:
  • Over 120 catalogue wheels
  • Ticket printing from your files on CD, floppy....
  • Multiple constraints system creating and printing
  • Reprinting from a base of previously printed tickets.
  • Random lotto numbers generation and ticket printing
  • The program is designed for Serbia national lottery only. Modifications are possible upon request.
  • Any laser or ink-jet printer is supported.
    Minimal configuration:
  • processor Pentium I
  • RAM 128 Mb
  • CD-R
  • laser or ink-jet printer
  • Windows 98/NT/2000/XP or Linux
    Technical data:
  • Java

With jLotto a catalogue with over 120 wheels installed!

No international version!Visit LottoAlly 2.0 page